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Want to learn some info on the Most Ultimate Font Ever™? Join this Wiki and pray to VCR OSD Mono every time you brush your teeth, kids! But read this shit first before you do anything, unless you want a banhammer in your skull face regions.


Latest activity

  • edit VCR OSD Mono Wikia
    edited by FandomBot diff
    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • edit Day of Patrick
    edited by Saytenn diff
    Summary: forgot to change this
  • new page Easter
    created by Saytenn
    New page: This day is the day that Jesus came out of his tomb, but people kept making jokes about him being a zombie so he went back into the tomb to never be...
    Summary: VCR OSD Mono Wiki more like Holiday Shitpost Wiki
  • new page Day of Patrick
    created by Saytenn
    New page: a long time ago on March 17, a red haired fuck named Patrick went to Ireland just to discover that it was infected by Undertale fans. Patrick then...
    Summary: I'm late but whatever
  • new page Marmel Hornednets
    created by Saytenn
    New page: a old as fuck web series created by troy from the Devil May Cry series, featuring the troubled heroes Alex Kralie, the slenderman and totheark, who...
    Summary: Who's the real bad guy here?
  • discussion page Didn't see yer message 'til now.
    comment by Focri


    Thanks mate 



    I would usually do some silly joke or pun in these kind of situations (You know, to lighten the mood), but seems like my creativity is off today. 

  • new page Admenshit
    created by Saytenn
    New page: You can be an admenistr8r on this here Wikia if you use dis wiki often and/or are a good friend. the benefits of being an admin include: Bragging...
    Summary: admen details
  • edit VCR OSD Mono Wikia:Rules and Guidelines
    edited by Saytenn diff
    Summary: Added necessary rules.
  • new page Grey Gardin Revue
    created by Saytenn
    New page: It's a game developed by DarkSydePhil in order to attract weebus and lesbiens, and it uses the default RPG Maker 2000 font instead of the glorious...
    Summary: non bias
  • discussion page OPEN RP
    created by Saytenn


    HI! I'm a bunny from Cave Story, and I'm buff and shit  

Photos and videos are fucking useless! HAIL THE ULTIMATE FONT YOU DIPS

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